"The Euro-Chip Initiative" renamed "The Smart Radio Initiative" 20 March 2014

An EBU-led drive to assure the hybrid future of radio took an important step towards harnessing global momentum today by renaming the "Euro-Chip initiative" the ‘Smart Radio Initiative’.Smart Radio

What is Euro-Chip?

Euro-Chip is a cost-effective, interoperability and future-proof radio reception chip which can be easily installed in mobile devices and cars. Intergrating the main radio transmission technology standards, whether digital (DAB/DAB+/DMB) or analogue (FM), it will help audiences access their favourite radio broadcast services anytime , anywhere and can help develop new business models which make radio fully part of the digital economy.


Why does the EBU believe Euro-Chip is so important to the future of radio?

Its a simple answer to give radio a future in the digital economy and will facilitate the transition to digital radio. With today's media convergence, audiences, and in particular, young people , expect to listen to radio on their mobile phones and tablets. While radio-only receivers are increasingly being replaced by more sophisticated devices,  radio as a media continues to meet a strong consumer demand and will remain hugely popular as  long as it is available on the devices used by audiences today and in the future.

What value is it to Public Service Media across Europe?

Radio remains a hugely popular media in Europe. The EBU declaration sends a clear signal for the benefit of broadcasters, manufactures and above all, consumers across Europe. Digital Radio is more than simple technological progress. Its a means of enhancing the editorial tools available to broadcasters. The combination of digital audio with texts,visuals and data will foster cross-media extensions and hybrid transmission technologies, offering an improved experience for audiences and promoting new business models. 


Who else stands to gain  from the Euro-Chip?

The EBU believes that not only broadcasters, but also consumers,  carmakers and electronics manufacturers have much to gain from this initiative.


What's in it for consumers?

Cost-free listening. Installed in mobile phones, the Euro-Chip makes it possible for audiences to receive broadcast services everywhere at no incremental cost. Consumers will not need to pay for broadband reception of free-to-air radio services.It's also market-friendly, future proof and interoperable. It allows audiences to receive radio anywhere regardless  of delivery technologies - something broadband technology cannot do.


What impact will it have on media delivery networks?

Three key benefits 

Greater efficiency and business opportunities. By using broadcast technology the Euro-Chip reduces pressure on mobile broadband networks while making full use of spectrum allocations for digital and analogue radio.

Hugh potential for combined media delivery channels . Hybrid radio services will foster new business models for the digital economy and generate creative opportunities and new ways of involving audiences in interactive programmes.

Enhanced traffic safety across Europe. The Euro-Chip will give a much needed boost to road safety in Europe by simplifying the delivery of real-time , language-independent traffic information about local and cross-border conditions.

 (Reprinted from EUROVISION operated by the EBU)