Day 3 Master Classes 10 Nov. 2017

Advanced UHD Features  Presentation by Jason Power (Dolby)  Audio Clip

Next Generation Video Compression & Codecs  Presentation by David Mouen (Harmonic)  Audio Clip

How is the production environment changing  Presentation by Attie van Wyk (MultiChoice)  Audio Clip

Deep dive in DVB Satellite 2G Wireless standards Presentation by Gérard Faria (TeamCast)  Audio Clip

Deep dive in DVB Terrestrial 2G Wireless Standards Presentation by Gérard Faria (TeamCast)  Audio Clip

Content Delivery Networks (OTT, VoD and the future) Presentation by Will Law (Akamai) (Missing 1st 15 mins audio) Audio Clip 

SATIP  Presentation by Thomas Wrede (SES)  Audio Clip

Interactivity and HbbTV  Presentation by Tim Morgan (Eurofins Digital Testing UK)  Audio Clip

Future Trends and the future of digital video  Presentation by Peter Siebert (DVB)  Audio Clip