Go Digital South Africa is a process of taking South Africans to an era of Digital Television that also brings more choice of television channels to ordinary people who view free-to- air television as provided by SABC, e-tv and M-Net. Currently, these services are broadcast in an analogue format. The country is therefore moving these services, including regional television services, from analogue to digital broadcasting.

High definition, digital television broadcasting is no longer a privilege of those who are well-off. In 2005 the International Telecommunications Union announced that countries in Africa and other regions must move their television broadcasting to a digital platform. Since then, the Department of Communications has been working hard to ensure that all the necessary work is done to enable a smooth transformation of our broadcasting.

Today we have started to educate and tell South Africans about this journey of taking our television broadcasting into a new era of digital broadcasting that will see them receive television of exceptional picture and sound clarity. This process is called GO DIGITAL SOUTH AFRICA, and we urge all South Africans to equip themselves with information on how this process is going to affect them. Today, using all the newspapers and other mediums, we have begun to tell and educate South African about the move to digital television. 

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