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SADIBA Steering Group unanimously endorsed the membership application received from MultiCarrier (Mauritius) LTD.  Mauritius has been lorded as a nation with one of the most progressive and forward looking regulatory systems. MultiCarrier (Mauritius) has been active in digital broadcasting and in February 2002 conducted Digital Terrestrial Television pilot tests. The SADIBA Chairperson and Secretary recently had the pleasure of meeting both the Chairman Mr Vishnu Bassant and the Chief Executive Officer of MultiCarrier Mr Amoordalingum Pather. “I am convinced that the enthusiasm and vision of MultiCarrier (Mauritius) will be contagious and will contribute greatly to the work of SADIBA and discussions within the region” says SADIBA Secretary, Gerhard Petrick.  “SADIBA is honoured to welcome Multi Carrier as the first Southern African member, thus formally expanding representation outside of South Africa”. Visit for more information on MultiCarrier (Mauritius) Limited