SADIBA members recently had the opportunity to experience Digital AM live in Johannesburg. In a joint contribution to the High Frequency Co-ordination Confenrecne (HFCC)  VT Merlin and Deutsche Welle directed a test transmission from Sines in Portugal to Southern Africa.  With the kind support of SADIBA Members: Primedia Broadcasting and Sentech, delegates attending the SADIBA workshop could share in this unique first for Southern Africa and to tune into the test transmission.

VT Merlin representative Mr Peter Gordon gave a review of the technology and the implementation strategy. 

Two DRM receivers were on display. The Coding Technologies receiver is the first Digital AM receiver packaged as a regular world receiver.  Mr Gordon also demonstrated the Software receiver that utilises a standard  sound card in a PC to demodulate and decode the DRM transmission.

DRM Receiver  DRM Demonstration  DRM Demonstration

                                                       DRM Demonstation