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Policy Direction on the Introduction of Digital Sound Broadcasting in South Africa 10 July 2020.

The South African Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies The Hon.Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams published in the Government Gazette dated the 10th July 2020 the policy direction to the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa regarding the introduction of Digital Sound Broadcasting in terms of section 3(2) of the Electronic Communications Act  2005 (Act 36 of 2005). Click to view the Policy Direction.


DAB+ Trial goes live in Cape Town South Africa 10 March 2020.

DAB+ trial goes live in CapeTown currently with 8 services. The services are The Voice of the Cape, Heart, Bush Radio, KFM, Smile 90,4, Magic 828, Radio 786 and Fine Music Radio. More services can be added. Transmission is provided by Sentech SOC from Sentech's Constantiaberg transmitter site (see pic above). Transmitter power is 2kW with an ERP of 31.7kW on channel 13F 239.200 MHz. Currently all services are running at 72kbps Stereo (8kbps reserved for future data use).


Open Sourced DAB+ Cloud based MUX demonstrated in South Africa 8 October 2019.

Open sourced Linux based software provided by Open based in Switzerland was used to configure locally and demonstrate a full signal path DAB+ cloud based mux to members of the Joint SADIBA/ NAB DAB+ Work Group by one of its members Mr Frank Schultz. The main focus of this work has been to develop a low cost cloud based solution for small coverage areas and the community broadcasting sector. Read more


ICASA Findings Document and Position Paper on the use of Digital Sound Broadcasting in SA.

The Independant Communications Authority of SA published its Findings Document and Position Paper on the use of DSB in SA in the Government Gazette on the 29 March 2019. The ICASA Press Release notifying the completion process is available for download here.

This full document is available for download in two parts  Part 1 and Part 2





Welcome to The Southern Africa Digital Broadcasting Association. (SADIBA)

Digital Broadcasting Now Workshop 15 - 17 April 2015

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Practical Training: Interference Mitigation

The last few years have seen the unrivalled growth in the deployment and utilisation of wireless systems. In the past wireless technology served a limited number of expert users and provided telecommunication backhaul connections. Except for broadcasting and amateur radio most radio frequency utilisation was by professionals in large telecommunications companies.

Wireless devices and services utilising the radio frequency spectrum have become part of everyday life and now serve the average member of the public.

All these wireless services and devices have one thing in common: They rely on a well-managed interference-free spectrum environment.

The unprecedented growth in spectrum utilisation and number of devices deployed has inevitably resulted in a more congested radio frequency spectrum with new and growing electromagnetic compatibility and interference challenges.

The Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association in collaboration with equipment manufacturers and industry stakeholders will be facilitating an interference mitigation workshop and practical training session.

The session will provide insight into the available test- and measurement solutions and mitigation techniques. The practical session will provide hands on opportunities for participants to identify and locate interference sources. Industry experts will share their insights and experiences.

The workshop and training session is aimed at spectrum planning and spectrum management engineers, engineering teams responsible for interference mitigation, compliance and inspections and operational teams maintaining radio frequency systems.

Date:                           16 February 2015

Time:                           08:30 – 17:00

Venue:                         LS of SA, 131 Gelding Avenue, Roodepoort, 1732, South Africa

(A transfer service from Sandton to this venue and back will be provided)

Attendance:                 Seats are limited and registration is essential.   SADIBA members and delegates engaged with spectrum management administrations or regulators attend for free. Payment of a registration fee applies of R500 applies for all other delegates.

Workshop Program:

Session 1: Interference tracking and mitigation at frequencies below 1 GHz


  • Measurement systems and techniques
  • Focus topicsMeasurement systems and techniques
    • The transition to DTT
    • Timing of transition and switch-off and interference risks due to time delays with analogue television switch-off
    • Band restacking (Transition from GE-06 plan to a post analogue switch off all digital plan)
    • Compatibility issues between broadcast and Mobile services in the UHF band
  • Focus topicsPractical hands-on measurements
    • Interference from terrestrial systems on satellite receive systems (C-Band and Ku-Band)
    • Importance of C-Band
    • Rogue operations and illegal transmissions
  • Track and identify inference source below 1 GHz
  • Track and identify interference source above 1 GHz

Session 2: Interference tracking and mitigation at frequencies above 1 GHz


Session 3: Practical sessions


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