Mobile TV has over the past two years conducted a T-DMB trial in Johannesburg South Africa. The trial was carried out by Sentech which is a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) who provide signal distribution services for most of South Africa's broadcasters which include the Public Broadcaster, Commercial and Community Broadcasters.The released version of the trial report has now been made available and is publish below.The diffrent sections of the report are available in pdf format.

The report contains the measurement results and findings conducted on Mobile-TV Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (T-DMB) 2kW transmitter's trail. Measurements were conducted within the 2kW T-DMB transmitter‟s coverage area. The main objective of the measurement exercise was to determine and confirm the area coverage and signal quality of the 2kW transmitter‟s broadcasted T-DMB signal. The area coverage and the signal quality measurement for reception class “Class C” correlations indicate that the broadcasted signal comply with the international specifications for T-DMB.


1. Mobile TV T-DMB Trial Report.

2. Appendix A - Field Strength Coverage 2kW.

3. Appendix B - Drive-by Route 2kW.

4. Appendix C - VDL Specified Coverage 2kW.

5. Appendix D - EBU TECH 3317 Specified coverage 2kW.

6. Appendix E - 600w and 2kW T-DMB transmitter coverage.

7. Appendix F - T-DMB 2kW transmitter coverage effected by 3.9dB average loss.